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VPLP 78 

We did this for ourselves – we asked: what would a fast luxury cruising catamaran look like? We liked the question so much we kicked the idea around and came up with this – a project about light.

Light-weight – with elegant use of carbon composites, modest profiles and vertical glass.

And light-luminous – a coachroof stepped mast, with no main cabin bulkheads, with fore and aft deck to cabin sole integration (on one plane – no steps), with moveable and safe vertical glass doors fore and aft to open access and let in the breeze; and a simple design aesthetic. Providing a very large and versatile deck-level space to lounge, eat, sun, read, sail... a place to 'respirer' as we say in France. Which is more than to respire – it means to renew, fill your lungs, grow.

Photos by VPLP