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VPLP 110 - JFA Shipyard Stichelbaud.jpg

VPLP 110 110'

Designed for cruising for friends and family in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. She had to be fun and fast, carrying extras such as a jacuzzi and a powerful sound system but still able to make the miles. She also needed to feel light and open.

Constructed in carbon, for the first time the rig in a large cruising cat was moved aft. This had the effect of moving the centre of buoyancy aft, improving performance, and allowing a big high-efficiency rig that includes a very large gennaker. This allowed us also to pull the coachroof aft, giving more possibilities with the use of space in the main saloon, in the hulls and with the forward deck area.

It is the largest cruising catamaran made of carbon.

Photos by B. Stichelbaut / JFA Shipyard