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W/Y Evidence 156'

Traditionally the yachting world is divided into two schools: motor and sail. One derives propulsion from consuming carbon-based fuel which – despite the uncomfortable question of greenhouse-gas emissions – amounts to a very simple solution, while the other deploys a complex and fragile rig which is often restrictive.

Oceanwings bridges this propulsion divide through innovation. Not only does it produce twice the power of a conventional sail, the wing is reefable, furlable and fully automated. When integrated into a hybrid propulsion system, it can reduce the fuel consumption of the main engines and, consequently, the greenhouse gases they emit.

EVIDENCE offers the stability, space and performance of a catamaran with the bonus of a simple yet pioneering rig – so you and your crew can enjoy the peace and pleasure of sailing under wind power.

The sudden realization that the answer is a wing is a Eureka moment of irrepressible joy.
Wingyachts are a breed apart.
Behold the EVIDENCE… 

Owner and Guests 12 pax Lenght overall 47.7 m Engine Power 2 x 490 hp
Crew 10 pax Beam 16.6 m Wing area 400 m²
Architect VPLP design Draft

3 m

Wing height 35 m