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Crêpes Whaou ! 3  Multi50'

The third trimaran in the Whaou! saga, the dimensions of Franck-Yves Escoffier's new boat are at the limit of the class rules. Wider than Crêpes Whaou II, with more sail area, Crêpes Whaou! III is 880 lbs (400 kg) lighter. The mast has been moved back to allow for a much larger solent. The main hull has much more volume in the back, but remains thinner overall. The wave piercing floats, with their stretched out lines, are more effective in a swell.
Not a revolution, but rather an evolution. Moving the center of gravity aft allowed us to design hulls with thinner entries, less drag and more powerful aft sections.
In 2012 it was renamed FenêtréA-Cardinal, with Erwan Le Roux as the new skipper.


2009 winner Transat Jacques Vabre (FY Escoffier /E.Le Roux)
2013 (FenêtréA-Cardinal) winner Transat Jacques Vabre (E.Le Roux/ Y.Eliès)

Launched   août 2009 Sail area upwind    208 m2
Construction   CDK technologies Sail area downwind    255 m2
Lenght   15,24 m Displacement   3,8 t
Beam   15,20 m    


Photos JM Liot / Crêpes Whaou !