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February 29, 2016

RORC Caribbean 600 - Phaedo3 & Comanche winners

The epic duel between MOD70s Phaedo3 and Concise10 came to a conclusion after 32 hours of hot racing in the RORC Caribbean 600. Phaedo3 won and smashed the record ! Comanche 100 takes the monohull line honours. Also an opportunity for the catamaran No Limit race its first Caribbean regatta.

Lloyd Thornburg, Owner/Skipper MOD70, Phaedo3 : « We weren't thinking about the record at any stage because we were so focused on match racing Concise. We had to dig deep and they were doing the same; they gave us a hell of a race!"

Ned Collier Wakefield, Skipper Concise 10 : « We did 600 miles in 31 hours and we are still in shorts and t-shirts – a bit damp, but it has been fantastic! These boats are absolutely incredible, amazing machines; to chew up the miles like that and be back for beers on the second day is unbelievable ! »

source : RORC Caribbean 600
Photos : RORC/Emma Louise Wyn Jones & RORC/Tim Wright

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