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December 29, 2015

Comanche, line honours of Sydney Hobart : "we love this boat!"

It lacked VPLP Design a victory on the Rolex Sydney Hobart race. It is now done! Well done! Comanche 100 (VPLP Design / Verdier) has taken line honours of this legendary race and brings back the Cup in the United States who had not won since 1998. Congratulations to Jim and Kristy Clark, owners of this powerful maxi monohull, skipper Ken Read and the entire crew for this well diserved victory! Launched late 2014, Comanche has already taken over the 24 hours monohull record last summer during the Transatlantic Race (618 nm) and won the Fastnet race.
Ken Read : « the people who have done this race 25 times, God bless them, they are the hardest people on Earth or the dumbest people on Earth, probably a combination of the two… This boat is doing everything we dreamt it could do and more. We love this boat. It got us here safe, right?” In the middle of the race, something had taken off most of Comanche’s starboard side dagger-board and rudder. « So we desperately cut the ropes to get rid of the daggerboard. And of course when we got rid of the daggerboard by cutting the ropes we saved the hull but kind of cleaned out the rudder on the way through ». Ken Read told the Race Director at the Cruising Yacht Club in Sydney it was all over, but… « then all of a sudden I see the tools come out and when I see the tools come out with these guys that’s usually a good sign that they have an idea. All of a sudden you hear cutters and little grinders.”
photo ©Daniel Forster

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