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February 06, 2014

One trans-Atlantic, two records

He had gone after Francis Joyon's record on the North Atlantic, single handed from east to west. Less than seven days later, Armel le Cleach and Banque Populaire VII pulverized the reference time and along the way ... won the record for the number of miles in 24 hours, which was held up until then by the same ... Joyon. 682 miles, or 28.4 knots averaged over 24 hours.  Amazing !

6d 23h 42 '18'' from Cadiz (Spain) to San Salvador (Bahamas), passing under the symbolic 7 days to go from the old to the new continent single handed.  Armel le Cléach gives himself a desirable place among the "Ultimate Skippers' eagerly awaited at the next Route du Rhum. That should give him confidence, even if the discrete Finistérien is not a man to boast.

Follow Armel’s adventure at www.voile.banquepopulaire.fr/

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