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April 11, 2014

The fastest monohull ever on the planet...

VPLP has been working for a year on the new 100 feet monohull for Jim Clark, whose ambition is building the fastest monohull ever on the planet; something that fits within the size criteria of the Sidney Hobart and other big races. A new challenge for VPLP and team Verdier, still associated in this new boat... so exiting ! How to transfer our Imoca 60 experience to the big 100 feet monohull taking into account some similarities in their design brief : high speeds are mandatory!

Vincent Lauriot-Prévost : "VPLP is specialized in big ocean racing multihulls to break records and win races, both boat concepts have in common they seek for speed, reliability and seaworthiness. This monohull project is in the same range of righting moment (80%) of existing multihulls of our design, the size and the loads involved are not a wild territory for us"

Timescale based on a launching date end of summer ; first race starting in the southern hemisphere in Sydney in December 2014 !

February 27, 2014

MACIF 100 : single handed without compromises

VPLP has signed a large number of large offshore multi-hulls, and refitted a few (the new Prince de Bretagne, Sodebo, etc...) but Macif will be the first* large single-handed multi-hull, thought of for this configuration and thus without compromises.  What excitement for the team of architects to start from a blank page to design this new record hunter.  Which records?  All!  All the single-handed records will be in the line of sight.  The construction of the central hull mold and floats have just begun at CDK Technologies and Multiplast.  The launching of François Gabart's 100 foot multi-hull is scheduled for April 2015.

*First...not quite as VPLP had already signed Poulain, Olivier de Kersauson's 75' multi-hull...that was in 1986 !


Photo : Multiplast, this month, the construction of the central hull mold has begun...

February 25, 2014

Vendee Globe: an advance of six months...

The construction of two IMOCA mono-hulls has recently begun.  Teams Safran and Banque Populaire wanted to anticipate the publication of the new IMOCA class rule* by taking the risk to order studies last summer, but these two teams also had the good idea to share a part of the cost of the studies.
So...Safran/Banque Populaire: same boat?  Not really.  If the hull mold is identical, the deck plans are radically different.  Today, the association of the two teams gives them an advance of six months on their competitors.  The race is on...

*Published in December 2013, the new class rules is distinguished by the removal of the 10 degree rule, that will now allow the design of lighter boats when ballasted with the same power as before.




Retournement Prince de Bretagne 4.jpg
February 07, 2014

Prince de Bretagne est à l'endroit!

Voici le schéma de retournement, l'opération à durée 7 heures.
Bravo les gars.
February 06, 2014

One trans-Atlantic, two records

He had gone after Francis Joyon's record on the North Atlantic, single handed from east to west. Less than seven days later, Armel le Cleach and Banque Populaire VII pulverized the reference time and along the way ... won the record for the number of miles in 24 hours, which was held up until then by the same ... Joyon. 682 miles, or 28.4 knots averaged over 24 hours.  Amazing !

6d 23h 42 '18'' from Cadiz (Spain) to San Salvador (Bahamas), passing under the symbolic 7 days to go from the old to the new continent single handed.  Armel le Cléach gives himself a desirable place among the "Ultimate Skippers' eagerly awaited at the next Route du Rhum. That should give him confidence, even if the discrete Finistérien is not a man to boast.

Follow Armel’s adventure at www.voile.banquepopulaire.fr/

January 31, 2014

Happy new year



Affiche Salon Nautic Paris 2013.jpg
December 05, 2013

VPLP at Salon Nautique de Paris


If you are in town for the show, you should checkout some of the boats we designed exhibited there. We will be there too, so maybe bump into you.


Alumarine – Stand H1-A74 – We have worked a lot with Alumarine over the years. Lately we have been working on the Noah range of luxury motor catamarans. A stunning and efficient new way to voyage long distances without sails.


Diam 24 (ADH inotec) – Stand H1-K21/22 – An extremely fun trimaran sports boat designed for serious one-design racing that can be affordably transported around the world in its own container-max box.


Lagoon – Stand 1-D-49 – The ever-expanding, ever-refreshing range of the most popular catamarans on the planet. This year checkout new boats: the 39 and 52 with the mast stepped further back for greater performance and comfort as well as a host of other improvements.


Outremer – Stand H1-G30 – We remain proud of this year’s winner of European Boat of the Year (2013), the Outremer 5x. An extremely popular family voyaging catamaran.


Smartboat – Stand H4-A32 – Adding to Smartboat 23’ is the Smartboat 30’ – nominated for European Power Boat of the Year (2014). It keeps the lines and much of the charm of the 23’ while adding accommodation and more services. Good luck with the award!


Hydros Class C – Stand H1 L30 – The Swiss firm will be showing a C Class catamaran that flies at more than three times the speed of the wind


See you there!