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May 16, 2014

VPLP 170' Catamaran

To start, a hurrah for the large catamaran: compared with their mono-hull cousins, they benefit from better performance, better stability, more comfortable and flexible proportions and a significantly lower build cost (per m2 of floor space) - which is partly why the re-sale values are high and the secondary market so buoyant.

This project is a further evolution of our conviction. Larger still than Hemisphere (the largest sailing catamaran in the world), the evolution is both hidden: where we simplify structure to reduce weight thereby improving performance even further; and evident: we’ve introduced new points of entry with a direct-to-crew-area through-hull door for unseen provisioning, reduced working footfall in the guest areas and improved crew efficiency. We’ve designed for more natural light to fall in the interiors but without the accompanying heating of the sun. And further we’ve improved on the well-loved forward facing owners cabin across the main deck span with an accompanying private owners terrace with sole-to-ceiling glazing.

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May 01, 2014

De Geronimo à Sodebo

Quelques heures seulement ce 30 avril, le nouveau Sodebo de Thomas Coville a pris l'air avant de rentrer bien vite dans le hangar de Multiplast pour d'ultimes finitions.

En devenant Sodebo, Geronimo a perdu quatre tonnes, s'est offert une nouvelle coque centrale, a relooké l'avant de ses flotteurs et s'est approprié la devise de son nouveau skipper : haut sur l'eau et tout de plain pied !

A découvrir dans toute sa longueur (31 mètres) le 19 mai lors de sa mise à l'eau à Vannes.

La métamorphose à découvrir en vidéo

Photo Team Sodebo

April 18, 2014

VPLP will join the Artemis Racing team

Vincent Lauriot-Prévost and Simon Watin will join the design team as Artemis Racing prepares for a possible 35th America's Cup bid.

Vincent Lauriot-Prévost : "Having always been at the cutting edge of fast multihull design from the early age of VPLP Design, we were first involved in the America's Cup challenge in 2007, when the Cup turned definitively to multihulls," said the naval architect. "This time, it is a great opportunity to collaborate with Artemis Racing on such a great foiling racing cat project, at this ultimate level of technology in the America's Cup."

A specialist in performance prediction, Watin graduated as a fluid mechanics engineer before specializing in naval architecture. In 2011 he joined the VPLP Yacht Design office in France where he developed in-house performance prediction and Computational Fluid Dynamics capabilities, and was involved in maxi racing trimaran projects (Prince de Bretagne 80, Sodebo 4 and Macif 100),  as well as Open 60 projects (Safran 2 and Banque Populaire) for the 2016 Vendée Globe Race.

Simon Watin : "I'm really excited to be part of the Artemis Racing team," said Watin. "They have done an amazing job putting together a group of people that are not only very talented and experienced but also team players, and it is really motivating for me personally to have the chance to work in such an environment. Accurately predicting the performance of these boats will be quite a challenge, and we will have to sharpen our tools to be able make the right choices before launching the boats, especially since the sailing time may well be restricted."

(press release - Artemis Racing team)

April 11, 2014

The fastest monohull ever on the planet...

VPLP has been working for a year on the new 100 feet monohull for Jim Clark, whose ambition is building the fastest monohull ever on the planet; something that fits within the size criteria of the Sidney Hobart and other big races. A new challenge for VPLP and team Verdier, still associated in this new boat... so exiting ! How to transfer our Imoca 60 experience to the big 100 feet monohull taking into account some similarities in their design brief : high speeds are mandatory!

Vincent Lauriot-Prévost : "VPLP is specialized in big ocean racing multihulls to break records and win races, both boat concepts have in common they seek for speed, reliability and seaworthiness. This monohull project is in the same range of righting moment (80%) of existing multihulls of our design, the size and the loads involved are not a wild territory for us"

Timescale based on a launching date end of summer ; first race starting in the southern hemisphere in Sydney in December 2014 !

February 27, 2014

MACIF 100 : single handed without compromises

VPLP has signed a large number of large offshore multi-hulls, and refitted a few (the new Prince de Bretagne, Sodebo, etc...) but Macif will be the first* large single-handed multi-hull, thought of for this configuration and thus without compromises.  What excitement for the team of architects to start from a blank page to design this new record hunter.  Which records?  All!  All the single-handed records will be in the line of sight.  The construction of the central hull mold and floats have just begun at CDK Technologies and Multiplast.  The launching of François Gabart's 100 foot multi-hull is scheduled for April 2015.

*First...not quite as VPLP had already signed Poulain, Olivier de Kersauson's 75' multi-hull...that was in 1986 !


Photo : Multiplast, this month, the construction of the central hull mold has begun...

February 25, 2014

Vendee Globe: an advance of six months...

The construction of two IMOCA mono-hulls has recently begun.  Teams Safran and Banque Populaire wanted to anticipate the publication of the new IMOCA class rule* by taking the risk to order studies last summer, but these two teams also had the good idea to share a part of the cost of the studies.
So...Safran/Banque Populaire: same boat?  Not really.  If the hull mold is identical, the deck plans are radically different.  Today, the association of the two teams gives them an advance of six months on their competitors.  The race is on...

*Published in December 2013, the new class rules is distinguished by the removal of the 10 degree rule, that will now allow the design of lighter boats when ballasted with the same power as before.




Retournement Prince de Bretagne 4.jpg
February 07, 2014

Prince de Bretagne est à l'endroit!

Voici le schéma de retournement, l'opération à durée 7 heures.
Bravo les gars.